Occam’s approach to cybersecurity enables us to help our clients create sustainable information security management systems that strike an effective balance between business demands to make information available and the business requirements to protect it. By considering the entire information life cycle—from creation to destruction—Occam Solutions identifies viable solutions and delivers actionable results in the form of strategies, transformational roadmaps, operational frameworks, and supporting processes that reflect the business realities and unique cybersecurity requirements of the client organization.

Our Capabilities

Our cybersecurity experts provide a broad range of services that help clients better understand and manage their risks. Our services and solutions address the broadest range of issues and readily adapt to various leadership styles and information security agendas of client organizations, including strategic, transitional, and functional.

  • Cybersecurity organizational capabilities review and roadmap development
  • Cybersecurity policy, standards, and guidelines portfolio development
  • IT resilience and risk management program implementation design
  • Cybersecurity performance measurement and compliance program development
  • Legal, regulatory, and e-Discovery compliance program development

To assist organizations with functional security agendas focused on identifying and protecting vital information assets, we build on our capabilities in computer network defense operations, compliance reviews, performance measurements, technical analyses, incident response and forensics, and continuous improvement process design and management. We deliver services such as those below:

  • Security program compliance, operational diagnostics, and technical assessments
  • Standards-based information security compliance reviews (e.g., DIACAP, CCRI, ISO/IEC 27001/2)
  • Integrated threat response, incident management, and forensics
  • Advanced Cyber Analytics tools help organizations connect the dots within massive amounts of cyber risk data, identifying the trends, anomalies, and relationships that lead to proactive threat detection.
  • Computer Network Defense 24/7 monitoring capabilities ensure that when an attack does occur, it’s quickly identified and neutralized