Mission Support

Sometimes an organization’s IT needs are more mission-based and dynamic. Occam Solutions understands this and provides a host of mission support services. These services are designed around supporting the overall mission of an organization by providing professional support staff to handle non-core business processes. This allows the organization to focus on their mission critical functions. From one software developer to an entire help desk, Occam Solutions can help you do your job better and cheaper. Our mission is to always go above and beyond and provide support personnel who are independent and capable of functioning with little guidance and oversight. We understand your time is valuable and the less time you spend worrying about support issues the more time you have to get your job done.

Our Capabilities

We deliver warfighter mission support services in ever changing and challenging combat environments. Services include: strategic and operational communications systems consulting and training; C4ISR and LAN/WANSET, field support services, installation, testing and refresh of knowledge wall/videoconferencing systems providing real-time visual information and intelligence collection and dissemination.

  • Operations and Maintenance of C4ISR Hardware and Software Systems
  • Systems Analysis, Evaluation, and Design
  • Advanced Planning, Logistical Support Planning and Execution
  • Creation and Delivery of Technical Training
  • Call Center Operations and Maintenance
  • Help Desk Operations
  • Network Operations Center
  • Audio Visual Installation and Maintenance