About Us

What We Are About.

Occam has evolved but continues to enforce
the same values that have brought us this far.

Founded in 2004, Occam Solutions is a leader in Data Science, Software Development, and Mission Support services to the both the civilian and defense sectors of the US government. We provide thought leadership, technical resources, and know-how leveraging in-depth industry experiences to provide simple and effective solutions.

Based in Herndon, VA, we operate not only within the United States but internationally in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Since inception, we’ve utilized a step-by-step engagement methodology that begins with partnering to fully understand client needs and ends with a robust solution that bridges the gap between current state and desired state in such a way as to neither overly complicate nor trivialize the process. Our mission is to always go above and beyond, providing agile solutions focused on the client’s overall, evolving needs with a simple credo: Your goals. Our mission.

Core Values


It all starts here. Merriam-Webster defines character as moral excellence and firmness. This core value drives everything we do. From how we choose our employees to how we execute work for our clients. We will accept nothing less because we understand what is at stake in your organization and ours.

Commitment to Excellence

Our reputation rides on every solution we deliver, and we understand that. Our attention to detail and work ethic are our hallmarks. It begins even before a new employee is hired. Employees are hired based on their record of excellence and their professional attitude. This translates to exceptional work quality for our clients and professional personnel that exceed expectations.

Client First, People Always

Our people focus on our clients, and our company focuses on our people. This is because we understand that they are our greatest asset. Without them, we are just an idea. As such, we invest our resources and goodwill in them to the fullest extent possible. At Occam, we put our clients first but always live up to our commitment to our employees as well.

One Team, One Fight

At the heart of our engagement methodology is our client partnership philosophy, which allows us to understand the requirements and environment and jointly deliver unparalleled service. We are as fiercely committed to your goals as you are. Internally, this core value drives our ethos of challenging one another and sometimes disagreeing but always remembering that we are on the same team fighting the same fight.


If it begins with Character, then it ends with Leadership. It is the final word in our success and yours. At Occam, we are leaders in all that we do. We take our own Seven Pillars of Leadership and train all our personnel on our expectations. Performance reviews and promotions are tied to our Core Values and our Pillars of Leadership to build a corporate culture that exemplifies who we are.



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