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Data Science

a step forward

Occam’s Data Science capability is an industry-leading service in Intelligence and Technology. We solve complex data and informational challenges, simplifying dynamic complex situations and providing our customers real-time operational insights. Our services span Data Collection, Integration, Analysis and Visualization within cross-domain environments, ensuring that data and information and services are available to our customers on all mediums. Data services leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) ensuring efficiency, speed, and reliability of results, when decisions must be made and results matter.

Data Innovation Lab: Occam established a Data Innovation Lab (DIL) in Tampa FL to support the Department of Defense (DoD) and our IDST contract. The DIL is a corporate-owned digital experimentation venue where our team members step outside the traditional government information networks and explore uses of Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)
products, such as JEMA, to further the disciplines of data science. 

The DIL promotes scientific thinking with big data, statistical methods and probability, computer engineering and programing, innovative

Software Development

full stack development

Occam stands ready to conceptualize, design, build, deploy, and support the fullest range of applications based on classic monolithic through microservice-based architectures. The Occam team applies highly-managed Agile Development to rapidly build solutions achieving minimal viable product (MVP) on short order and continue to full-scale complete solutions in record time.

A key feature of Occam’s development expertise is the “baking in” of critical security features to the DevSecOps process to ensure rapid ATO (Authority-to-Operate) acquisition. We have expert staff for developing under Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure architectures via tools including C#, Java, and Python; web service platforms including Apache and Node.JS; databases ranging from relational to NoSQL; to delivering completed solutions via Docker and Kubernetes.


Department of State (DOS): Occam has designed and developed and is continuing to maintain the Electronic Ordering System (EOS) for the Department of State under their Passport Supply contract. Occam was recently awarded the recompete of this contract as the primary subcontractor to ChoiSys Technologies. The EOS is a comprehensive web-based inventory management and ordering solution which provides state-of-the-art electronic acquisition capability, a simplified procurement of critical supplies, an improved inventory control, and efficient as well as accountable recordkeeping. The EOS tool allows end users to place orders and communicate shipment details across both Team Choisys and Government stakeholders. The EOS is a secure web-based solution, comprised of two (2) separate systems: The Ordering Tool has single sign-on connection to the IMT. The IMT exists on the Salesforce Platform as a Service (PaaS). The customized EOS is comprised of two (2) separate systems – The Inventory Management Tool (IMT), and the Ordering Tool. The IMT is a secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud computing solution currently used by the DoS to manage critical supplies. Built on the industry leading platform, our-developed IMT supports high volume concurrent users. All data is kept private by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and TLS 1.2 encryption for any data in transit, ensuring that data is safe, secure, and available only to authorized logins.

The Ordering Tool is a secure, intuitive website that allows users to easily submit online order requests and/or access the IMT. The systems supporting the Ordering Tool are virtual, allowing us to scale up servers to easily meet increased workload and additional concurrent user demands. The Ordering Tool strictly adheres to industry standards, to remain Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant. Web order requests submitted by authorized users are secured through TLS 1.2 encryption.

U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM): Occam currently supports ongoing data science and analytics efforts for the Headquarters, USSOCOM, all SOF Component Commands, and all Theater Special Operations Commands and deployed forces worldwide on the Enterprise Data Science Team contract. Under this contract, Occam’s software engineers create next generation web-based and desktop applications designed to enhance user interface with tools and capabilities; design, prototype, develop, and implement applications using Web programming technologies to include JavaScript, HTML, HTMLS, and CSS. Our software engineers work with data analysts, data integrators, data scientists, and database engineers to create, troubleshoot, and recommend user interface capabilities.

Mission Support

Core support

Sometimes an organization’s IT needs are more support-based and run in the background. We understand this and provide a host of mission support services to valued clients around the globe. These services are designed to support the overall mission of an organization by providing professional support staff and consultation for non-core business processes — allowing the organization to focus on mission critical functions. Our hallmark is to always go above and beyond what’s needed, providing world-class
support personnel who are independent and operate with little guidance and oversight. 

We understand your time is valuable and the less time you spend worrying about non-core issues, the more time you
have to get your job done. Occam delivers mission support services in ever changing and challenging hostile environments. We provide strategic and operational communications systems consulting and training, C5ISR and LAN/WANSET, field support services, installation, testing and refresh of knowledge wall/videoconferencing systems providing real-time visual information, and Human, Signal, and All-Source intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination. 

These Services include:

• Operations and Maintenance of C5ISR Hardware and Software Systems;
• Systems Analysis, Evaluation, and Design;
• Advanced Planning;
• Logistical Support Planning and Execution;
• Creation and Delivery of Technical Training;
• Call Center Operations and Maintenance;
• Help Desk Operations;
• Desktop Support;
• Network Operations Center;
• Systems and Network Administration/Engineering;
• Audio Visual Installation and Maintenance;
• Multi-foreign language Translation Systems (MFLTS);
• iFortress structural solutions.

Mission Support

our capabilities

Occam Solutions delivers mission support services in ever changing and challenging hostile environments. Our Services include/have included: 


endless possibilities

Occam Solutions is a proud partner with experts that help facilitate deployment of edge services for iFortress’ line of scalable, secure, structural solutions, including Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs). The iFortress ICD/ICS705 compliant, turn-key data center assemblies remove the obstacles of conventional construction and turn a lengthy CapEx building project into a quick OpEx assembly solution. Our secure, scalable, data center environment (identified as Scalable Data Center as an Appliance™ (SDCaaA™)) is installed complete with racks, power, cooling, security and fire suppression.

With iFortress’ panel based structural system, there is no limit to the size, configuration, or where these assemblies can be located – inside, outside, etc. Each environment is configurable to meet an organization’s needs for today without limiting their ability to meet whatever those needs may be tomorrow, and without compromising the integrity of what is already in place. Once engineered, we offer a complete turnkey solution that can be acquired as a single line item Model # and deployed anywhere in the world as it will meet all international building standards. Among other uses, the iFortress system is a terrific enabler to deploy data center environments to the edge for 5g applications.

Already domestically and internationally deployed and accredited within the IC Community, iFortress’ iMove ExecuSuite (iMove) is an excellent, fully functioning solution complete with structure, mechanical, electrical, suppression, and security infrastructure (“Turnkey”).  The robust and accredited performance of this system has provided the USG with one of the highest performing, most reliable, efficient, scalable, and secure mission critical solution available. The structural elements of the iMove is a system of pre-engineered and factory finished floor, ceiling and wall panels designed and tested to the highest independent standards to provide comprehensive risk mitigation integrated with all the necessary environmental supporting infrastructure including Mechanical, Electrical, Suppression, and Security (“Turnkey”).


imove execusuite Secure, Scalable Sensitive Work Environments™

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