Life At Occam

Team, Personified.

The bond of our team ensures that our work is done properly.

“There is no such thing as work-life balance.

It is all life.

The balance has to be within you.”



It all starts here. Merriam-Webster defines character as moral excellence and firmness. This core value drives everything we do. 

From how we choose our employees to how we execute work for our clients. We will accept nothing less because we understand what is at stake in your organization and ours.

The Basics.

At Occam, we believe the term work-life balance is inherently wrong. The term puts those two things at odds so that as one increases, the other must decrease. We disagree with this. Occam strives to provide an environment within the company that is a meaningful part of your life, not a contrast to it. 

Part of our interview process always includes a cultural-fit interview where we focus on who you are, what motivates you, and what sets you apart. We look for an ideological fit with our employees to match our clients and the company. This does not mean we are all the same—quite the contrary. We are a diverse group of people from every background and walk of life. We have differing opinions and experiences and are not afraid to express them and challenge each other. 

And as steel sharpens steel, we grow together. To us, ethos is everything. It is the glue that holds us together at Occam. Simply put, ours is a culture of selfless service to our clients, communities, and each other.

Commitment to Excellence.

Our reputation rides on every solution we deliver, and we understand that. Our attention to detail and work ethic are our hallmarks. It begins even before a new employee is hired. 

Employees are hired based on their record of excellence and their professional attitude. This translates to exceptional work quality for our clients and professional personnel that exceed expectations.


Inside the company

Why would you want to work at Occam? 

Occam provides freedom and growth with the expectation that when you succeed, we all succeed. Occam isn’t just a job; it’s a fire-starting career path. We select candidates not just based on skill set and experience but on potential and an innate drive to be the best.

In addition, we value honor and integrity, building upon our core values to ensure every employee knows they are appreciated and that their work makes a difference, not just for Occam but for the community in which they live and work.

Client First. People Always.

Our people focus on our clients, and our company focuses on our people. This is because we understand that they are our greatest asset. Without them, we are just an idea. 

As such, we invest our resources and goodwill in them to the fullest extent possible. At Occam, we put our clients first but always live up to our commitment to our employees as well.

Always Growing.

Occam provides opportunities for training and other career-enhancing benefits. We provide reimbursement costs for mandatory course-related fees for regular employees. This includes the cost of courses, degree programs, conferences, seminars, licenses, and other professional certifications, which are job-related and mutually beneficial to the employee, client, and company. 

In addition, Occam identifies certifications and training that are directly relevant to the program and position for our contract employees and gives them the ability to “upskill” and increase their program-relevant technical knowledge. As a result, many employees have obtained college degrees and/or become certified in specialized areas that improve their ability to perform on customer projects and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. 

In addition, some of our personnel have used our educational assistance program to obtain PMPs and numerous technical certifications.

Real people, Real memories.

One Team. One Fight.

At the heart of our engagement methodology is our client partnership philosophy, which allows us to understand the requirements and environment and jointly deliver unparalleled service. We are as fiercely committed to your goals as you are. 

Internally, this core value drives our ethos of challenging one another and sometimes disagreeing but always remembering that we are on the same team fighting the same fight.

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Real Benefits.

All work and no play make for a dull person. So we work hard and play hard. Whether it’s a company-sponsored happy hour, our annual holiday party, spot bonuses, or our employee appreciation gifts and baskets, we want you to have fun at Occam. 

Additionally, Occam Solutions proudly hosts a robust Company Wellness Program for its employees, team members, and partners. Gentle Yoga, individualized exercise programs, group sessions, and weekly ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ conference calls offer Team Occam professionals various options to improve and maintain their absolute best physical and emotional Well-being. 

All offerings are entirely voluntary, led by credentialed/certified Staff, and FREE to the entire company. We do these things as a reminder that you are valued. And as a valued part of Occam, we stand by you through good times and bad.

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If it begins with Character, then it ends with Leadership. It is the final word in our success and yours. At Occam, we are leaders in all that we do. We take our own Seven Pillars of Leadership and train all our personnel on our expectations. 

Performance reviews and promotions are tied to our Core Values and our Pillars of Leadership to build a corporate culture that exemplifies who we are.

Always Give Back.

“To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Giving back is a priority at Occam. Our robust corporate philanthropy program selects organizations to support each year. Beyond donating funds to these charitable organizations Occam, through its personnel, has volunteered and contributed their time and talents to them as well.

We have assembled furniture, painted rooms, delivered lunches, fixed computers and servers, provided mentorship, and more to many organizations, which include:

• Brainfood
• Wounded Warrior Project
• Shriner’s Children’s Hospital
• Little Lights
• Academia Natanael
• The Salvation Army