Occam Solutions awarded
Prime Contract to Support U.S.
Special Operations Command
(USSOCOM) Enterprise
Intelligence Data Science
Team (IDST)

Herndon, VA (January 17, 2020) – Occam Solutions, Inc. was awarded a prime contract to
support the Headquarters, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), all SOF Component
Commands, and all Theater Special Operations Commands and deployed forces worldwide to
provide an Enterprise Intelligence Data Science Team (IDST). Under this contract, Occam leads a
team of highly qualified professionals to develop, integrate, and implement emerging
capabilities to support real world missions. Efforts focus on enhanced ability to store and
exploit large data sets using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to facilitate
faster, more accurate, and more streamlined decision making. Our team supports development
of AI/ML capabilities within the classified/unclassified Cyber Data Operations (CDO) Capability.
We work with the venture capital ecosystem to research, vet, and conduct proof-of-concept
demonstrations/pilots to integrate commercial ML solutions into the program. Our DBEs
develop and translate computer algorithms into prototype code and maintain, organize, and
identify trends in large data sets; oversee real-time business metric aggregation, data
warehousing and querying, schema, and data management. Our Data Scientists (DSs)
formulate/lead guided, multifaceted analytic studies against large volumes of data,
interpret/analyze data using exploratory mathematic/statistical techniques based on the
scientific method, coordinate research/analytic activities utilizing various data points and
employ programming to clean/massage/organize the data, coordinate with Database Engineers
(DBEs) to build Data environments providing data identified by Data Analysts (DAs)/Data
Integrators(DIs)/Knowledge Managers/Intel Analysts. DAs mine complex, voluminous varieties
of data from various sources/platforms to collect/analyze/compile data, build data
solutions/tools/capabilities to enable self-service frameworks for data consumers to
monitor/report on data, working collaboratively with Intelligence/data analysis teams to
produce qualitative/quantitative data that support Intelligence products. DIs conduct
methodology development, Software (SW) requirement generation, tool testing, and
discovery/aggregation/visualization of disparate data sources, use various tools that support
analysis/data sources. DBEs develop/translate computer algorithms into prototype code,
maintain/organize/identify trends in large data sets, oversee real-time business metric
aggregation/data warehousing/querying/schema/data management. System Architects (SAs)
work on complex IT architecture projects in data gathering/artifact development/ presentation/
completion of Enterprise Architecture (EA) models, research/ develop/review EA products,
provide integrated systems planning, coordinate project team activities and assist with
monitoring project schedules/costs. Software Engineers (SWEs) create next generation web-
based/desktop applications designed to enhance user interface with tools/capabilities, design/
prototype/develop/implement applications using Web programming technologies (JavaScript/
HTML/ HTMLS/CSS). SWEs/DAs/ DIs/DSs/DBEs create/troubleshoot user interface capabilities.

About Occam Solutions
Occam Solutions, a Woman Owned small business (WOSB), headquartered in Herndon Virginia,
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Occam Solutions offers simple and effective solutions to public and private clients using

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with client partnering to fully understand the client’s organization and environment and ends
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