Occam Solutions to Support Defense Intelligence Agency with Technical Support Services

Washington, DC (March 5, 2012) – Occam Solutions, Inc. was awarded a subcontract with Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) to provide the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) with technical support services designed to enable enhanced intelligence discovery and sharing amongst users of the DIA’s and other Intelligence Community networks, systems and programs.

Working with BAH, Occam Solutions’ team of development and integration engineers, intelligence production technicians, and graphics designers will leverage the Intelligence Community Standard for Publication Metadata (ICS-PUB) to assist the DIA’s Directorate for Analysis (DI)/Design & Dissemination Division (D3) with the design, implementation and dissemination of vital intelligence as finished intelligence (FINTEL). The team will integrate the production of standards based documents into multiple IC data repositories, liaising with DI production staff throughout the product lifecycle to ensure all product build business requirements, metadata, and product details are included in FINTEL delivery.

Upon award of the contract Occam Solutions president, Dan Chun stated “Occam is delighted to provide the DIA with strong technical services in an ever increasing scope of services and we are very fortunate to be working with Booz Allen Hamilton to provide these services.”

About Occam Solutions

Occam Solutions, a certified 8(a) small business, headquartered in McLean Virginia, is a leading provider of Applications, Infrastructure, and Mission Support Services.  Occam Solutions offers simple and effective solutions to public and private clients using thought leadership, technical resources, and know-how. Their experienced consultants leverage in-depth industry experience and utilize a step-by-step engagement methodology that begins with client partnering to fully understand the client’s organization and environment and ends with a robust solution that neither overly complicates nor trivializes the process.  Occam maintains offices in the DC Metropolitan area, Maine, Los Angeles, and the Island of Guam.

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